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Seaweed Compound Liquid Fertilizer

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Specification: 18kg/bucket

Form: brown liquid

Ingredient: N+K2O≥100g/L, organic matter≥200g/L, calcium≥30g/Lbiochemical fulvic acid≥100g/L, crude protein≥300g/L.

Product feature:

1. Strike and strengthen root: rich in soluble biochemical fulvic acid, strike and strengthen root factor, can promote root growth. 

2. Expand fruit: it has the remarkable effect on rhizome crops, especially for garlic, onion, ginger, potato, yam and so on.

3. Improve soil: balance and regulate soil pH, conserve water and fertilizer.

4. Improve crop disease resistance and stress resistance; reduce the damages from harmful heavy metal (such as Pb, Cd, As) in the soil.

5. Increase the commercial value and the yields of crop.

6. Prolong the harvest time, make crop appear on the market 5-7 days earlier.

How to use:

1. After stirred uniformly, dilute 100-200 times with water flushing or drip irrigation.

2. It could be used together with other fertilizer.

3. It can be used solely in earlier stage, the recommended dosage is 225-450kg/Ha; In fruit expanding stage, use together with high potassium fertilizer can get the best effect.

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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003