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Yantai Hongyuan Bio-fertilizer Co.,Ltd. has five manufacture and storage bases and seven distribution branches which were founded successively and respectively in all over China. Yantai Sinorich Biotechnology Co., our main manufacture base in Yantai city. Also we have Yantai Danyuan storage base, Weifang manufacture base, Zhangzhou Danyuan storage base and Qinzhou manufacture base to satisfied the fertilizer demand all over China. 

At the same time, we can offer OEM service, greatly lower logistics cost, and provide the best service for customers. In recent years, the company has developed the new bio-stimulant products such as enzyme hydrolyzed fish protein, enzyme hydrolyzed seaweed, enzyme hydrolyzed animal active peptide, enzyme hydrolyzed vegetable active peptide under the support of our national well-known scientific research institution.

It has applied for three s patents for inventions, and successfully entered into the international market, bring new growth point for the company's future.