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Weitong (sweet orange essential oil)


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Weitong (sweet orange essential oil)

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Product serial number
Specification: 1000ml
Traits: orange transparent liquid
Nutrition Facts: 10% Orange Essential Oil
Product introduction: This product is a spray additive developed from Italy and using natural orange peel essential oil extracted by cold pressing technology as the main raw material. It retains the natural vitality of sweet orange essential oil, which helps pesticides to increase efficiency and improve fertilizer utilization. . This product is safe for crops and environmentally friendly. In addition to improving the efficacy of fertilizers, it can also make the surface of the crops green and bright, promote leaf photosynthesis, and indirectly improve yield and improve quality.
● This product can reduce the surface tension of the droplets, improve the spreadability, permeability and adhesion of the liquid on the surface of the crop; make the distribution of active ingredients uniform, rain-resistant and scouring, and enhance the effect.
● This product can be mixed with a variety of commonly used non-strong alkali strong acid pesticides and fertilizers, such as: insecticidal acaricides, herbicides, fungicides, spreads, foliar fertilizers, water soluble fertilizers, etc.
● Adding this product when applying roots and fertilizing can promote the liquid conduction speed and maintain the long moist time of the rhizosphere soil, which is beneficial to the full absorption and utilization of drugs or fertilizers.
● This product is safe, environmentally friendly, non-toxic and harmless. It is safe for flower buds of fruit trees, not only does not damage the shoots, but also has a nutritive and moisturizing effect.
● This product has a killing effect on agricultural pests such as Lepidoptera, Coleoptera and Coleoptera on various crops, and can greatly reduce the use of organic phosphorus and chemical pesticides in agricultural production.
Application method:
1. Generally, this product is diluted by 1500-2500 times and used in other medicines.
2. Use of Qingyuan: Use this product in a dilution ratio of 300-400 times, and use it alone or in other pesticides.
1. It is necessary to spray evenly when applying the medicine. The amount of spray is to form a water film with leaves, but it is not necessary to drip water.
2. When dispensing the medicine, please add the liquid before adding the product, stir it evenly, and use it now.
3. This product can be used in combination with fertilizers to reduce the amount of specific reduction. Please experiment after promotion.
4. When the product is accidentally splashed into the eyes and skin, immediately wash it with water.
5. This product should be stored in a cool, dry and ventilated warehouse.
6. Keep away from children when storing and using.
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