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condensed molasses fermentation soluble


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condensed molasses fermentation soluble

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product introduction:
The main ingredients for this product is molasses, starch and extract of sugar beet. With the German high-tech triple effect TVR ferment condense equipment, added in with high quality Bacillus Natto, came this high concentrate liquid amino acid product that is condense and concocted through modern microorganism fermentation process. It retains the nice smell and nutrients of molasses. This product obtained EU’s GMP+ safety certificate.
subject: manufacturer of red fertilizer, foliar fertilizer, organic and inorganic mixed fertilizer.
method: Manufacturer can mix CMS into their own concoction of amino acids, humic acid, fulvic acid, trace elements, NPK etc. for production.
1、for red fertilizer manufacturer:
This product can be used as main raw material or base liquid for liquid red fertilizer and water soluble fertilizer. The quantity used can be as much as 50-70% total. Manufacturer can adjust or renovate the fertilizer formula according to the nutrients content in CMS. For example, in red fertilizer, CMS can be diluted to certain percentage and use directly. The effect will be guaranteed.
2、for foliar fertilizer manufacturer:
Since this product is highly concentrated, enriched with high quality active substances, if used as foliar fertilizer, it should be diluted with high multiples of water. Also, since this product contains active UGF, it highly activates and regulates crops. For those fertilizer added with sodium natrophenolate, Naphthaleneacetic acid, gibberellin etc., the manufacturer should consider to reduce those chemical synthesized hormone by 30-50%. CMS itself as a foliar fertilizer, it can be used directly after being diluted 500-700 times, maximum diluted to 1000 times, the result is very outstanding.
3、for organic fertilizer manufacturer:
This product contains special colloid viscous material beside humic acid, NPK and organic material. It can replace the viscous or glue like viscous in the process of making organic and inorganic mixed fertilizer. The result is that the granule will have shining luster and not easy to stick together. It also improve the water solubility. Manufacturer can adjust the fertilizer formula according to the nutrient content in CMS, adding between 10-15% into it. This product is suitable for various fertilizer manufacturing equipments.
Our pledge: as the lead manufacturer utilizing organic fermentation technology in producing organic fulvic acid and amino acid, we guarantee our quality and stability. Because of economy of scale in production, we guarantee our CMS is of high quality and competitive price to you.
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