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General Manager's Speech

General Manager's Speech

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Yantai Hongyuan Bio-Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.is located in the coastal City of Yantai.We take the responsibility of producing green food and are committed to the research and development of the green environmental protection and ecological organic safe fertilizer.And the products are sold all across the country,achieves good results and gets recognized by the majority dealers and farmers friends.

Based on the agrochemical services,our company tries to expand sales channels,implements the regional distribution and adopts fixed-point sales marketing model.And our company has established a service and sale network to sell products all across the country by starting from improving the service quality.Novel management concepts and modern management methods make the company full of life,and integrity,moral management style has brought a wide range partners for the company.What’s more,the big stage of the market economy has provided a broad space to develop for the company.

Yantai Hongyuan Bio-Fertilizer Co.,Ltd.Is one of the largest water soluble fertilizer raw materials suppliers,has gradually developed into many comprehensive fertilizer companies,such as Yantai Danyuan storage Co.,Ltd.,Zhangzhou Danyuan storage Co.,Ltd.and so on.I won't change any day we will produce green ecological fertilizer quality as a long-term strategic policy for the development of the company,focusing on people's food safety and high quality healthy life,escorting the Chinese organic agriculture,opening a new starting point of the water soluble fertilizer,to become the pioneers and leaders of China’s water soluble fertilizer development.

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