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Solubles: γ-PGA≥35g/L (NY/T3039-2016)  γ-PGA≥50g/L (QBT5189-2017)

Powdery: γ-PGA≥8% (NY/T3039-2016)  γ-PGA12% (QBT5189-2017)


Product introduction:

Poly glutamic acid fermentation solubles is a kind of natural degradable high-molecular polymer of Vedan, it is a product with compatibility, non-toxicity and multifunctionality, and fermented by bacillus natto and glutamic acid. It also contains glutamic acid, glucose, protein, mineral substance, vitamin and other biochemical active materials.


Product function:

1. Adjust pH value, improve the soil: it can balance soil pH value, avoid soil acidification, salinization and soil hardening due to long-term use of chemical fertilizer.

2. Promote root growth, increase crop stress resistance: promote roots growth and germination, increase nutrients absorption, prevent roots from damaging under drought, water logging, cold and other adverse condition.

3. Retain water and fertilizer, increase fertilizer use efficiency: it contains super hydrophilic group-carboxyl, so it can reduce moisture loss in soil, meanwhile the polyanion in PGA can block sulphate radical and phosphate radical forming hard-soluble salts with calcium, magnesium and other secondary elements or trace elements, increase fertilizer use efficiency.



1. Water soluble fertilizer: can be added into water soluble fertilizers as synergist, promote roots growth, increase crop stress resistance.

2. New type fertilizer: can be added into urea and potassium phosphate fertilizers as synergist, increase fertilizer use efficiency, reduce chemical residues.

3. Dressing agent for seeding and seed: can be used as seed dressing agent by diluting it well for wheat, corn, paddy rice and other field crop, increase seed germination rate and survival rate.

4. Soil conditioner: can well balance pH value, reduce EC, raise the soil abilities of conserving water and fertilizer, and alleviate phytotoxicity and fertilizer damage.

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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003