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Ca+Mg Liquid

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Package: 10kgs/buckets

Appearance: light yellow liquid


Ca100g/L, Mg30g/L, N100g/L


  1. Double chelation of natural botanical sugar alcohols andγ-PGA. Promote the absorption of calcium, magnesium and other secondary, trace elements, improve fertilizer utilization rate.
  2. This product uses xylitol, which is the homology of plant phloem sugar alcohol, and mannitol as chelating agents. It is compatible, safe and non irritative to plants, and can conduct up and down with the flow of body fluid.
  3. It can promote the formation of cell wall, increase fruit firmness and prevent fruit cracking and softening. Promote the formation of chlorophyll, increase the photosynthetic rate and dry matter accumulation. Beautify the fruit surface, improve the quality and increase the yield, improve the rate of goods, extend the shelf life.

How to use:

The vigorous growth period of crops, such as young fruit stage and expanding fruit stage, is advanced 10-15 days, and 20-30 days before harvest, drip irrigation or water flush application of 75-150kg /Ha.

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