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Appearance: green liquid 

Package: Customize

Ingredients: Sugar alcohol Zn160g/L


Take natural sugar alcohol as carrier and add polyglutamic acid, it is close to plants and more easily absorbed, with the characteristics of high absorption utilization rate and two-way transmission. It can effectively prevent the physiological diseases caused by zinc deficiency, such as poor growth, yellow leaves, short plant, premature aging and so on.

After spraying, the product can be quickly absorbed by leaves, improve enzyme activity, promote photosynthesis, improve crop stress resistance, and has a certain effect in disease prevention.


  1. Using plant original sugar alcohol as carrier, chelate zinc, can be transported up and down in the crops without barriers; add the proprietary polyglutamic acid, chelate micronutrient, improve the absorption and utilization ratio.
  2. This product has excellent plant affinity; It doesnt contain any chemical hormones, and it is mild and non irritating to crops.
  3. Improve enzyme activity, promote auxin synthesis, promote photosynthesis and accumulation of nutrients. It can be used to solve the problems of crop's rigid leaves, frozen withered leaves, fertilizer damaged aged leaves, ammonia damaged burned leaves, salt damaged yellow leaves and alkali damaged dwarf seedlings. It can solve the problem of seedling shrinkage, leaf rolling and lobule caused by virus disease. It can also solve the diseases caused by root injury and head injury, such as headless seedling, shrinking head seedling, old, small and weak seedling.
  4. Improve the effect of medicine and fertilizer, promote new root, new leaf and new bud, promote nutrient absorption, improve the rate of flowering and fruit setting, improve crop quality and yield.


  1. It can be used in all stages of crop growth, and it should be sprayed at the early stage of crop growth. Dilute 1000-1500 times focus spray on back of leaf, Secondary dilution is recommended.
  2. It is better to use it before 10 am in the morning and after 4 pm in the afternoon.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003