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SOIL CONDITIONER(sugar alcohol Ca+Mg granule)

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high activity compound alkali group≥51%, CaO≥25%, MgO≥10%, organic matter≥3%, pH: 7.5-9.5

Product introduction:

This product is made of pure natural mineral elements through high temperature calcining and supplemented by sugar alcohol-chelated granulation. Rich in calcium, magnesium, boron, zinc, iron, molybdenum, silicon and other secondary and trace elements, it has many characteristics such as high utilization rate, rapid release, remarkable effect, natural environmental protection,etc. It is an efficient and high quality soil conditioner.

Product function:

1. This product is made of pure natural mineral elements which are produced by sugar alcohol chelation, it is harmless, safe and eco-friendly.

2. This product contains water soluble nutrients, and has affinity for soil and crop, can promote the growth of root.

3. This product is rich in chelate secondary trace elements, it has remarkable effect on anti-acid, strengthen root and beautify fruit.

4. This product can prevent the dispersing of nutrients, we use the fully enclosed equipment for granulation, make the granule has instant solubility, it can be used by spray irrigation and drip irrigation after water filtration.


1. As a supplement to soil micro element products, it can be directly sold separately.

2. It will get a better effect when combining with organic fertilizer, organic-inorganic compound fertilizer and compound bio-fertilizer.

3. It should be used with caution when apply on Alkaline land(pH>7). Usually "Saline-alkali land" is salt-accumulated land, not alkaline land.

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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003