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Affiliate classification
Free amino acid≥180g/L, organic matter≥180g/L, N+P205+K20≥70g/L, bio-active peptide≥100g/L
Product introduction:
This product is a new kind of small peptide coloring nutritional preparation which is produced by the fermentation technology of Taiwan Vedan. It is rich in the highly effective coloring factor, small active peptide, free amino acid, glucose, vitamin and a variety of biochemical active substances. It is a natural, safe and environment-friendly product.
Product function:
1. Promote coloring: fruit skin and lustre color is mainly formed by the accumulation of cyanine nucleoside, and this product is rich in coloring factors and high content of amino acid, can enhance nutrient graces enzyme activity, make fruit coloring faster, and it also can promote the formation and accumulation of anthocyanin pericarp, increase the fruit coloring area, thus can greatly improve fruit quality.
2. Add sugar: high content of glutamic acid in plant body can turn into arginine, which increases the polyamine in plants, meanwhile the glutamic acid is the precursor of plant chlorophyll synthesis, it is good for synthesis of chlorophyll, increase the content of chlorophyll, enhance the photosynthesis of plants, increase leaf’s dry matter, promote the accumulation of carbohydrates, it also can accelerate nutrient transport, and obviously increase the fruit soluble sugar content, so as to achieve the effect of fruit sweetener.
3. Fruit expanding: the active small peptide molecules can act as plant growth regulators, resist a certain low temperature environment at the time of flower bud differentiation, stimulate the division and growth of plant meristem cells, promote flower bud differentiation and pollen germination in fruit trees, accelerate flower embryo formation and development, and promote fruit enlargement.
1. Production of functional water-soluble fertilizer:
It is mainly used in the production of amino aicd water-soluble fertilizer, supplemented by different elements such as secondary, micro and macro elements, so as to supplement the amino acid and other nutrient elements needed by plants.
2. Production of small peptide solid fertilizer:
Use this product as granular fertilizer synergist and small peptide enzyme preparations, add dosage in certain proportion in the process of produce peptide compound fertilizer, urea or biological fertilizer, there will not occur chemical reaction, and will not change the original chemical components of the fertilizer, the produced fertilizer can improve more than 30% utilization, it also can uniform particles, colour and lustre downy, and needs not to add any pigment.
3. Directly use:
Because of its unique color and sweetening effect, it is suggested to be used as fruit coloring agent, which is mainly used in color transformation and leavening period, it can be directly applied to foliage spray and root irrigation. The recommended dilution is 300-500 times for foliage spray, and it would be better to apply 75-150kg/Ha with water flushing or root irrigation.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003