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Black beauty

Affiliate classification
Specification: 40 kg
Traits: dark brown particles
Nutritional components: nitrogen (N) ≥ 10%, phosphorus (P2O5) ≥ 0.33%, potassium (K2O) ≥ 5% biochemical fulvic acid ≥ 30%
Hydrolyzed amino acid ≥10% Organic matter≥60% Calcium (CaO)≥4% Polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA)≥2%
● Pure biological fermentation, using molasses as raw material, three-effect concentrated extraction, raw liquid spray granulation, triple chelation technology, organic carbon fertilizer.
● Rich in biochemical fulvic acid more than 30%, loose soil, increase soil permeability, adjust acid and alkali, water and fertilizer.
● Reasonable carbon to nitrogen ratio, organic carbon content of up to 35%, is more conducive to the survival of beneficial bacteria in the soil, improve the soil microenvironment, and reduce the occurrence of soil-borne diseases.
● Adding the patented polyglutamic acid of Weidan, it has more chelation properties, improves fertilizer utilization rate by more than 30%, and fully chelates elements to ensure crop absorption, and effectively alleviates soil salinization and reduces physiological deficiency. Bitter acne, cracked fruit, lobular, yellow leaf, fallen flower, fruit drop, etc.)
● Rich in anti-reverse factors, anti-pathogenic factors; drought-resistant, phlegm, heat-resistant; anti-heavy; cold and anti-freeze. Change the barriers of flails, accelerate the slow seedlings, and prevent dead trees.
● Balance vegetative growth and reproductive growth, continue to maintain roots, ensure balanced nutrition, increase flower-fruiting rate, improve quality, increase yield; can be listed in advance and extend the harvesting period.
Application method:
Point application or ditch application, adjust the dosage according to soil fertility status, crop type and appropriate fertilization time.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003