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Calcium and magnesium

Affiliate classification
Specification: 10 kg
Traits: yellow particles
Nutritional composition: Ca≥11% Mg≥3% nitrate nitrogen≥13% polyglutamic acid≥5%
product description:
This product is specially added with polyglutamic acid (γ-PGA) and patented chelating agent plant enzymatically active peptide (CPE), which can significantly improve the absorption of medium and trace elements, especially calcium and magnesium. It can not only prevent the curing of new medium and trace elements in the soil, but also release the medium and trace elements solidified in the soil. The whole process is slowly released during the growth of the crop. Under the synergistic effect, other various elements are promoted to work together to improve the fertilizer efficiency.
● Roots and roots: It can promote the formation of cell walls, help the root tip of crops to grow, roots and roots, and increase the stress resistance and disease resistance of crops.
● Disease resistance and disease prevention: The small peptides in the product can be directly absorbed by the crops, promote the absorption of calcium and magnesium, promote photosynthesis, repair the staged chlorosis of the leaves, and help prevent various crops from being deficient in calcium and magnesium. Physiological diseases such as malformed leaves, yellow leaves, heart rot, and umbilical rot.
● Increasing production and increasing income: This product contains trace elements in the chelated state, which is comprehensive in nutrition and promotes crop growth balance. It can quickly replenish various medium and trace elements needed by plants, promote surface light and improve product quality.
Application method:
In the early stage and the fruit expansion period, it is recommended to use 1-2 bags per time, which can be increased or decreased according to the actual demand of the crop.
● Stored in a dry and shading place at room temperature, prohibiting humans and animals from eating;
●This product has high solubility. It should be used as soon as possible after opening the bag. Keep away from fire and heat sources, and do not store it with flammable materials.
● If not used, please close the bag to avoid moisture absorption.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003