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Affiliate classification
Specification: (powder) 500g (liquid) 1000ml
Properties: (powder) white powder (liquid) white transparent liquid
nutrient content:
(powder) phosphorous anhydride ≥ 60% potassium ≥ 39% total content ≥ 99% pH: 5.3
(Liquid) Phosphorus ≥ 420g / L Potassium ≥ 280g / L Total content ≥ 700g / L pH: 5.3
product description:
This product is a nutritive and immune liquid fertilizer containing high phosphorus and high potassium. It can provide balanced nutrition to crops, especially for various crops from leaf extension to maturity. It can stimulate plants to produce natural defense substances to the maximum extent, and produce continuous immunity to pathogens and viruses. Continuous use of this product can give plants more vitality, and thus cause diseases to be more difficult to occur.
● This product is a +3 price state phosphorus, which is resistant to diseases and has significant effects on ulcer disease and powdery mildew.
● This product can be used for leaf spray, flushing and quick absorption, and quick supplement of phosphorus and potassium fertilizer.
● It is not easy to fix in the soil, it is easy to be absorbed, and the absorption efficiency is high.
● Promote rooting, promote fruit color change, increase sugar content, and promote flower bud differentiation.
● It is not easy to antagonize with medium and trace elements, and its pH value is neutral. It can be mixed with most pesticides and fertilizers.
● It has the effect of regulating growth, which can control the shoots and promote flowering in the early stage of crop growth.
Application method:
(Powder) is recommended for 1000-1500 times foliar application, drip irrigation, irrigation and irrigation. (Liquid) It is recommended to spray 500-1000 times foliar application, drip irrigation, irrigation and irrigation.
Avoid mixing with dicofol, omethoate, mineral oil;
Cannot be mixed with strong alkaline substances and substances that cause alkaline reactions;
For sensitive crops, small-scale experiments are required before large-scale use;
Use the second dilution before use to achieve better use, mixed with metal ion-type compounds, please use the experiment first.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003