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Weidan Weibao

Affiliate classification
Specification: 10 kg
Traits: powder
Nutritional composition: iron (Fe) ≥ 9.5% boron (B) ≥ 0.5% manganese (Mn) ≥ 0.2% zinc (Zn) ≥ 0.3%
●All water soluble, chelated state
The product is crystal-like, adopts Taiwan-Tian Dan polyglutamic acid chelation technology, has strong stability, fast dissolution rate, can be drip irrigation, can be sprayed, balance and supplement the medium and trace elements in the soil, providing a full range of medium and trace amounts for crops. nutrient.
●Antioxidant, easy to absorb
Specially added patent antioxidants to prevent the oxidation and fixation of trace elements such as Fe and Zn which are easily fixed by oxidation, and greatly improve the utilization rate and absorption rate of elements, which is the best way to supplement micronutrients in soil.
●Resistance and disease prevention
It has strong biological activity and high utilization rate. It can effectively prevent and cure diseases such as leaf greening, lobular, yellow leaves and mosaic leaves, increase leaf photosynthesis, prevent various physiological diseases caused by deficiency, and prevent various diseases caused by crops. Under the action of high-efficiency polyglutamic acid, it can prevent the damage caused by excessive trace elements (such as manganese poisoning).
● Roots and roots
The amino acid raw materials produced by the liquid fermentation technology contribute to the root growth of the crop, roots and roots, increase the stress resistance and disease resistance of the crop, and are applied according to the recommended dosage, and the effect period can reach the whole growth period.
Application method:
●Applicable to soil foundation application and topdressing, the amount of acre is 5-10kg. • Drip irrigation application at a concentration of 300-500 times.
● Foliar application, diluted concentration 800-1000 times. ● If the yellow leaf disease is serious, the total amount can be administered several times.
● Store in a dry and shading place at room temperature to prevent humans and animals from eating;
●This product has high solubility. It should be used as soon as possible after opening the bag. Keep away from fire and heat sources, and do not store it with flammable materials.
● Can not be mixed with alkaline fertilizer, please test it small before mixing.
● If not used, please close the bag to avoid moisture absorption.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003