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Fish peptide

Affiliate classification
Specification: 20kg
Traits: brown liquid
Nutritional ingredients: enzymatic hydrolyzed fish protein ≥100g/L Calcium≥30g/L Amino acid≥100g/L
 Water-soluble organic matter ≥200g/L Biochemical fulvic acid ≥100g/L
product description:
This product uses deep-sea fish as raw material, and is fermented into a fish protein high-activity small peptide after being fermented by Taiwanese-flavored patented product, Natto strain, and adding plant-derived amino acids and chelating trace elements (calcium and boron). , zinc, etc., can effectively improve crop stress resistance, prevent and control a variety of soil-borne diseases and insect pests, and at the same time effectively alleviate the physiological diseases such as yellowing caused by deficiency.
● Roots and roots: rich in soluble enzymatic hydrolyzed fish protein and rooting and strong rooting factors, promoting root growth and development.
● Improve yellowing: Activate crop capillary roots and improve the utilization of medium and trace elements to prevent and alleviate plant yellowing.
● Expanded fruit: It has obvious effects on cash crops such as citrus, dragon fruit, kiwi, cherry and mango.
● Balanced growth: promotes even fruit shape, promotes sprouting of new shoots, thick and strong new shoots, and alleviates years and years.
● Improve quality: increase fruit gloss, increase fruit sugar, and increase crop commodity value.
● Improve soil: balance soil pH (pH), water and fertilizer.
Application method:
● After mixing evenly, dilute 100-300 times with water or drip irrigation (spray irrigation).
● Can be applied with other fertilizers.
● The crop can be applied separately in the early stage, and the dosage is 10-20 kg per mu. The fruit expansion period is combined with high potassium fertilizer, and the effect is better.
The above dosage is recommended by the company. Different regions can increase or decrease the amount according to the actual local fertilizer input.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003