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Nattolli 1

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brief introduction of the product
 “Naduoli 1” is made by the advanced biological fermentation technology,the material is Polyglutamic Acid which is Vedan’s internationally patented product. It receives patent from over 30 countries and regions, including China, USA, UK, Germany, France, Switzerland, Sweden, Italy, Spain promotes crops’ root growth, protects crops roots, and enhances crops’ roots. It can also be used as soil conditioner to change the pH value close to what is needed for crops growth. This is a rarely seen pure biological fermented hi-tech agricultural product in recent years.
The working mechanism is:when the molecules in PGA polymerized (molecule chain polymerize up to 10000 and above), there are many carboxyls on its protein peptide chain, it chelate strongly with the cations in the soil, hence enhancing the nutrients absorption of the crops。Currently only Taiwan Vedan Group commercialize this technology. It has a wide application future.
Product function:
1、it promotes crops’ root growth, protects and enhances crops’ roots. It helps to recover the damages on roots done by human or improper application of fertilizer.
2、balance the pH value in soil, mitigate soil pollution by effectively chelating the heavy metals in the soil.
3、it is the chelating agent of medium、 trace element,soluble calcium or magnesium, it improves and promotes the absorption of  phosphate fertilizer and trace elements in the soil.
4、Enhance the crop’s immunity against infestation and adversity (against saline alkali, drought, lose of soil fertility) integrate crop’s nutrients and water active ingredients in soil, hence increase the immunity against crop pathogenic syndromes spread through soil.
How to useProduct details


dilute 300 times, pour directly at the surrounding near the roots, or irrigate the furrows. Repeat every 15-20 days (can dilute to 1000 times and spray on leaf surface)


paddy、vegetables、melons and fruits、lawn、flowers、tea plantation 1L/ha,

 fruit tree 3L/ha

application phase

suitable for every stage of growth of crops


1、it achieves best result when use together with basal dressing and top dressing

 (can reduce the quantity of basal dressing, top dressing and chemical fertilizer )
、can be used in conjunction with non-alkaline pesticide, but pesticide dosage shall not   exceed recommended quantity

3、Store under cool shade and well ventilated place, avoid direct sun exposure.

4、This product contains various biochemical active substance, just normally use if it is  inflated a little.


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Fax: 0086 535 6611676
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