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Seaweed fertilizer

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Product advantages:
This product contains amino acid、humic acid、NPK and chelating medium and trace element(B、Ca), can effectively solve physiological disease due to nutrient deficiency, for example: garlic with thinskin and non-storable garlic clove, cracking fruit of sweet melon、watermelon and eggplant, blossom-end rot of tomato, top rot of cucumber, soft flesh of strawberry caused by calcium deficiency and so on.
This product not only provide nutrient for crop, but also promote striking root, enhance the hydrophilia of root hair, facilitate more absorbing water and nutrient, thus increase plant disease resistance, improve crop yield and quality. It is the first choice of multi-functional ecological fertilizer for planting green、harmless、and organic food.
Product function:
1, Strike root and strengthen root, It is rich in soluble biochemical fulvic acid, strike root factor and strengthen root factor, promote rooting.
2, Expanding fruit, especially have strong effects for garlic, onion, ginger, potato, Chinese yam, and other root crop.
3, Balancing and remitting soil PH value, preserve water and retain nutrient.
4, Raise the capability of resisting disease and adversity. Shield harm heavy metal ( plumbum/Pb , chromium/ Cr, arsenic/As ) in the soil.
5,Can increase crop commercial value, improve the crop yield.
6, Extend crop harvesting time, faster time to market by 5-7 days.
 How to use:
1.Well mixing by drip irrigation or water flushing with 50-100 times dilution.
2.Can be used together with other fertilizer.
3.In the early growth period can be used alone, the recommended dosage is 225-450kgs/ha, in the fruit expanding period, can be used together with high potassium fertilizer in order to get a perfect effect.(Above mentioned is the recommended dosage by our company, but in the different area it should be according to the local situation to increase or decrease the dosage appropriately when use it.)
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003