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polypeptide protein water fertilizer

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product function:
Taking the CMS as the main ingredient, adding theγ-PGA which is the internationally patented  product of Vedan Group, it is rich in various of amino acid ,fulvic acid and chelating  medium trace elements.
1. It has the supper strong function of water and fertilizer retaining capacity.
2. Protect roots, nourish roots, strong roots, improve the ground temperature
3. Balance the soil’s PH value; chelate the soil’s toxic heavy metals.
4. Prevent some physiological disorders such as plant shortening and dysplasia caused by nutritional deficiency and other reasons.
5. Effectively improve crop drought resisting, cold resisting and stress resisting, especially the disease resisting ability.
Note: This product does not add any synthetic hormones, and it is the necessary fertilizer in growing green ,organic and high-efficient economy crop
Method and dosage: Dosage should be adjusted according to soil’s fertility, type of crops and fertilizing time.


northern area:dilute to 50 times with water flush or irrigate surrounding root area, apply once every

7-15days. (as well as adjust the fertilizing time according to the located situation, dilute to 500 time

with water spray on the leaves)

southern area:dilute to 200-400 times with water flush or irrigate surrounding root area , apply

once every 5-7 days, can shorten and extend the fertilizing time according to the located situation.


vegetables (chili, cucumber, eggplant, tomatoes, green bean, ginger, etc.)          

 fruit (apple, strawberry, cherry, pawpaw, banana, leechee, grape, etc)        

quantity:270-540kg/ha, can increase or decrease the quantity according to the local fertilizer application.

application phase

plants or crops growth phase (seedling culture, accelerated growth or fruiting phase) are all suitable for application.

In the later period, can be used match up with high potassium fertilizer.


1. it achieves best result when use together with pesticides(non-alkaline pesticides) for improving the efficiency.

2. this product contains biochemical substance, if there is bloating or swelling, it is normal phenomena.
3. Store under cool shade and well ventilated place, avoid direct sun exposure


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Call: 0086 535 6611676
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Zip Code: 264003