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yonggenzhuang –water soluble fertilizer

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Product features:
It is rich in amino acid, humic acid, soluble biochemical fulvic acid, chelating medium and trace element, strike root and strong root factor, so it can promote the roots system growth, balance the soil environment, improve soil fertility, retain water and preserve fertilizer.
Strike root, nourish root, protect root, strengthen seedling, enhance the roots ability of absorbing water and fertilizer, strengthen the plant and enhance the disease resistance.
It can enhance crop self-regulatory function, prevent physiological disease caused by nutritional disorder, such as blossom drop, fruit drop, dehiscent fruit, empty fruit, yellow leaf blade, little leaf, fruit blossom-end rot and heart rot.
It can increase crop commercial value and production, it is a multi-function fertilizer which is the preferred choice for green, pollution-free, and organic food.
method and quantity:
1,Dilute to 20-50 times with water flush.
2,Can be used together with other fertilizer.
3,Suitable for every growth stage use, and the recommended dosage is around 150-300kgs/ha.
 (Dosage should be adjusted according to local soil’s fertility, type of crop and fertilizing time)
1.Store in shade and dry place.
2.It should be diluted and mixed well with water before use, for seedling stage and rainy days please use with special consideration
3. If there is agglomeration, just normal use, it doesn’t  affect the efficiency.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003