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macroelement water soluble fertilizer with balanced type

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product features
1、Totally water-soluble and various kinds of nutrients
The product is water-soluble fertilizer which contains a variety of nutrient, it can be fast dissolved in water and absorbed by crops with high absorption. No doubt it is a perfect instant fertilizer with various of nutrients,less dosage, and high efficiency.
2、improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
It is added γ-polyglutamic acid which is an international patent product produced by Vedan group, and it can activate various medium trace elements in soil, adjust the soil PH value, preserve moisture and fertility, enhance the disease resistance and the adversity ability of the plant, meet the requirement of that plants to get uninterrupted nutrient absorption, improve the utilization rate of fertilizer.
3、prevent disease
The medium trace elements in the fertilizer exist in chelating form, it can effectively prevent physiological disease caused by element deficiency, and enhances the plants’ adversity ability of drought resistance, cold resistance, and disease resistance.
4、Both increase the crop yield and the economic income.
It can extend the crop’s picking period and improve the quantity and quality of the crop, of course it will also increase our economic benefits.
Application method and dosage
Dilute 20-50 times with water flush or drip irrigation, or dilute 500-800 times for spraying on the leaves.
It can be used by mixing with other fertilizers.
It should be used 75-150kg /ha one time, during the later growth period of crops.
 (Above mentioned is the recommended dosage by our company, but in the different area it should be according to the local situation to increase or decrease the dosage appropriately when use it.)
Matters need attention:
1 please keep it in a shade and dry place
2 It should be diluted with water and stirred evenly before using. The dosage should be considered during the seedling stage or the rainy day.
3 If agglomeration appears, it won’t affect the use.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003