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Vedan Dew foliar fertilizer

Affiliate classification
Product features
1. Improve the flower and fruit retention, improve fruit set rate, promote the development of roots, stout stalk , lush leaves, controlling the excessive growth;
2. Prevent a variety of diseases caused by bacteria, fungi, virus;
3.Improve the resilience ability of drought, flood and cold ;
4. fruit enlargement uniformity, good color, less malformed fruit, less cavity fruit, improve the quality ;
5. Increase the sugar content of fruit , taste good;
6. early-maturing without progeria, prolong picking period
Polyglutamic acid:
This high technical product is produced by Taiwan Vedan Group with liquid fermentation and biological polymerization method , it has obtained various national patent in many countries. This product is a kind of fertilizer synergist which is natural, organic, pollution-free.Since this product has strongly chelating ability, so its high molecular content  definitely can promote the leaves absorpting all kinds of trace elements, so that it can promote the absorption and enhance the root system of the plants .
Applicable crops
It is applicable to all kinds of crops
How to use:
1.It should be diluted to 600-800 times with water to spray ,and spray foliar during the whole growth period of crops.
2.During the seeding period ,it should be used once every 5-7 days. And from growth period to fruit enlargement period with foliar spraying ,it should be used once about every 7 days.
matters needing attention:
1. It is mainly by foliar spraying. It can be mixed with non-alkaline pesticides
2. It sprays at four afternoon in sunny day, and need supplementing spraying after spraying four hours when it rains.
3. Shake well before use.And precipitation does not affect the results
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003