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Vedan liquid calcium

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一、product features:
1、high content: quick-acting calcium content is equal or more than 180 g / L.
2、Safe and reliable: non-hormone, non-toxicity, harmless, pollution-free, convenient for applying, safe for crop.
3、Preventing disease: It can enhance the elasticity and the viscosity between the cells, adjust the symptom of calcium deficiency. It can also effectively prevent the physiological disease of   the plants caused by calcium absorbing barrier, such as fruit cracking, malformed fruit, peel  puffing phenomenal, the bitter pit of apples, the black heart of pears, heart water of grapes , the blossom-end rot of tomatoes、capsicums、cucumbers and muskmelons, the black heart of celeries, the spot disease of carrots, the tipburn of lettuces ,the dry heart disease of Chinese cabbages、cabbages and  potatoes. 
4、Increasing yield and improving quality: It can increase the toughness of the pericarp、promote the  coloring evenly of the fruits and vegetables、improve the quality of the fruits appearance、extend the storage period and the shelf life of the fruits and vegetables、improve the quality and increase the crop Yield.
二、application method
1、The product is widely applied in many crops, such as kinds of fruit trees, vegetables, melons, beans, root-crops, herbs, tea, cotton, rapes, peanuts, strawberries and other cash crops. 
2、It can be applied during all the various stage of crops, we have some suggestions as follows: Firstly, dilute to 1500-2000 times for spraying 2-3 times on the leaves before bagging period for the fruit  trees, and  must dilute not less than 2000 times during the sprout leaves period with every 10-20 days intervals. Secondly, dilute to 2000 times for spraying one time during   the seedling stage、the growing period、and the full bearing period of the vegetables. 
Finally, dilute to1500-2000 times by spraying 2-3 times for other crops.  
三、Matters need attention
1、The product should be avoided using in the direct sunlight and high temperatures, it should be sprayed before 10 am and after 4 pm and should be re-sprayed if it’s raining within 4 hours   after using it.
2、It can be used by mixing with pesticides (except the alkaline pesticides);
3、This product is not added any hormone and has non-damage for the plants, it is non-pollution for the fruits as well.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003