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Vedan liquid boron

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一、product features:
1、High content:: The content of boron is up to 150g/L, Vedan liquid boron  has features of 100% water-solubility and the neutral PH value , it can be absorbed and utilized effectively. And  further more this liquid boron does not contain any sodium and inorganic salt, it’s easy to be absorbed and helpful for balancing the hormone of the plants.
2、Obvious fertilizer efficiency: after the boron element has been absorbed by crops, it will combine with the sugar which are produced by photosynthesis, then they will form a compound of sugar and boron which can improve expanding the fruits,decrease the premature fruit drop、definitely prevent or reduce the symptoms caused by boron deficiency.
3、Improving the fertilizer efficiency obviously: it can promote the synthesis of cellulose together with calcium and stabilize the structure of cell wall, accordingly enhance the yield and improve the quality of crops.
二、application method.
1、Dilute to 2000-2500 times for spraying on the leaves when using it for fruit trees. For other crops then dilute to 800-1500 times for spraying on the leaves. 
2、Spraying for 2-4 times in each growing period、blossoming period、and maturing period, but the interval is 7-15 days.Spraying for one time before 15 days of blossom、one time for the beginning of blossom、and one time after the beginning of blossom when promoting  the blossoming and fruiting, It can be used in any period for crop which has a symptom caused by boron deficiency.
3、It can be used by mixing with pesticides or foliar fertilizer such as herbicide、insecticide、and bactericide,etc.(Except the alkaline pesticide.) 
4、It should be sprayed before 10 am and after 4 pm, and need to re-spray  in case of there is a rain within 4 hours after using it.
三、Matters need attention
Be cautious of the dosage: although the boron is the required nutrient element for crop growth, but it belongs to the trace elements, we should strictly control the applied dosage, otherwise there will cause boron poisoning on the crop due to the excess boron.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003