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Vedan liquid Zinc

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一、product features:
1、High content: available zinc content is equal or more than 160 g / L.
2、Leading technology: Using advanced sugar alcohol chelating technology, it imitates cell protoplasm juice to carry the nutrients fast and directly to the parts that really need it, ensures  the  rational distribution of nutrients in plants, prevents toxicity phenomenon caused by local excess trace  elements.  
3、High absorption efficiency: it adopts special sugar alcohol chelating technology. Compares to other general products, the foliar nutrient uptake efficiency is 3~8 times, it can replenish foliar nutrition rapidly.    
4、Increase yield and improve quality: this product contains zinc and other high efficient nutrient  additives with high absorption efficiency and fast speed. It can effectively prevent 
many symptoms  caused by zinc deficiency, such as poor growth, small leaf, yellow leaf, dwarf plants, premature  aging, declined in quality. And it can correct kinds of nutritional disorder, promote blossoming and fruiting, , enhance photosynthesis,  improve the resilience ability, increase the  yield and improve the quality.
二、application method
1、Diluting to 1000-1500 times for spraying on fruit trees, others diluting to 1500-2000 times for spraying on the leaves.
2、It can be used during the whole growing period (use it by spraying for 1-2 times every period), and every interval is 10-15 days. 
3、Dilute to 1000 times for spraying on the leaves when the symptoms of element deficiency appears。
三、Matters need attention:
1、The product has good effects on zinc deficiency district and some crops which is sensitive to zinc(paddy, corn, sorghum, soybeans, tomato and so on  ).
2、It should be avoided excessive application and not to be used with the alkaline fertilizer and pesticide.
3、It is safe and reliable with non-hormone. It does not damage the leaf blade, without any stimulation, and has non-damage for the plant.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003