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Bacillus Natto

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product introduction:
Weidan continue to promote healthy life style through its core bio-technology, couple with its years of R&D experiences and stable fermentation technology, we successfully filter out high quality, high yield rate Bacillus natto extract by using high yield liquid fermenting agent with short fermenting time. It has the characteristics of rapid breeding, high resilience, safe, non-poisonous. It can secrete and synthesize various organic acids, enzymes and bio-active ingredients.
product highlights:
1. Fast breeding: high metabolism rate, breed fast, breed to100 thousand times in four hours compare to standard Bacillus natto which can only breed to 6 times in 4 hours.
2. High resilience: resist temperature range from -60℃ to +280℃ when it is dry. High resistance to strong acid, strong alkaline, sterilizer, high oxygen environment (for aerobic breeding) and low oxygen environment (for anaerobic breeding) 
3. Bigger volume: volume is 4 times bigger than normal pathogenic bacteria. It occupy more space hence preventing pathogenic bacterial from growing.
1. organic or inorganic fertilizer additive 
2. bio-fertilizer additive 
3. activate soil
4. to produce compost and liquid fertilizer 
5. decompose crude fiber 
6. clean environment 
1、Activate soil, retain water and nutrients, increase production: produce rich active metabolic ingredients, promote root growth, whitening root, lengthen root and encourage hair root growth. Produce PGA hence forming a membrane to retain water and nutrients. It also fortifies the root system’s absorbing capability, increasing the productivity of crops.
2、Increase the fertilizer effect, reducing the cost: decompose organic ingredints in the soil, prominently increase the utilizing rate of fertilizer, reduce the fertilizer quantity, hence reducing the cost.
3、Supress the growth of pest, reduce infestation, and replenish the prebiotics. Protect crop’s root system, it resist pathogenic bacteria, reduce infestation transmitted through soil and suppress nematode.
4、Improve quality, increase income: increase lodging resistance, increase crop’s quality, making leaf look greenr and thicker, increase fruit sweetness, tinges, fasten fruit ripe and extend harvesting window.
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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003