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Condensed Molasses Fermentation Solubles,For short:CMS

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product introduction:
This product is fermented from sugar cane molasses through microorganism. Beside retaining the nutritional values and good taste of the molasses, it also enriched with the microorganism synthesized protein, amino acids, organic acid, vitamins, minerals, BFA and UGF from the the fermentation process. It is a high nutritional and economy value animal feed additive. 
1 Add directly into TMR. Recommend every cow to be fed 1kg per day.
2 Recommend adding 1-6% directly into the mixer during the animal feed mixing process.
product function and its special characteristics:
1 Contains 30% mycoprotein. Milk cow can absorb directly to be used hence reducing the animal feed cost.
2 It has good fluidity making it easy to be added directly into TMR. It mixes well into TMR and it easily being consumed.
3 It contains the original taste and characteristics of molasses, hence avoiding the issue of cow picky of food.
4。High content of BFA. It reduces the probability of milk cow having mastitis and as well as somatic cells.
5。It increases the milk production and protein content.
6 .It contains various natural minerals and trace elements to supplement the cow milk, also preventing illnesses of mineral deficiency.
7 When added into condensed animal feed, it can replace some of the proteins, hence reduce the cost and problem of dust from animal feed.
nutritional contents:
Basal eleements
Crude protein 30.10% 维生素B2() 85.0ppm
维生素B6(Pyridoxine) 180ng/g
Total calories 2400Kcal/kg 维生素H(Biotin) 86ng/g
Ash 8.80% Niacin 38.5ppm
Total solid ≥55.0% Folic acid 305ng/g
Pantothenic acid
Hydrolyzed amino acids
P 0.0752% Glutamic acid 7.19%
K 2.27% Alanine 1.70%
Ca 1.26% Methionine 0.32%
Mg 0.26% Lysine 0.25%
Cu 1.4ppm Arginine 0.20%
Zn 9.5ppm Leucine 0.41%
Mn 47.1ppm Aspartic acid 1.10%
Fe 160ppm Valine 0.38%
BFA 24.81% Glycine 0.33%


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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003