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sugar cane molasses

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一、 brief introduction of sugar cane molasses:
The sugar cane molasses is a common ingredient of animal feed. It is a special feed. which contains high quality , increases the nutritive value of the feed and improves the growth performance of the animal. Using the sugar cane molasses in the feed formula, it can replenish the energy of animals quickly, make the formula design become more flexible. The sugar cane molasses is produced in Guangxi, it is the Sticky liquid which  is the final products after the process of  heating ,neutralizing, precipitating, filtrating, concentrating and crystallizing the sugar cane juice  We ensure the  ample supply throughout the year  and the relative stable price  for the market.(plenty of  cane molasses to the market,  and we can  have the price  remained stable.)
二、the feeding value of the sugar cane molasses
 ①Because of  the great palatability, generally, pig, chicken, cow and  sheep all like eating  it..
 ②Because of the characteristic of  mucosity ,it is used as a binder for  pellet  feed and licking block feed, it can increase the pellet hardness only by use 1%-3%. 
 ③It can reduce the stive when it is added  into the powdered feed.
三、 the main ingredients of sugar cane molasses

Name of commodity

Test item

Test result

    Sugar cane molasses

Total sugar %

More than 48

                 Brix %

More than 75

Total solids %

More than 70


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Call: 0086 535 6611676
Fax: 0086 535 6611676
Zip Code: 264003