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Ministry of Agriculture releases four new fertilizer standards

      Recently, the Ministry of Agriculture issued the "Announcement" of the Ministry of Agriculture of the People's Republic of China No. 2350, and approved the release of the latest batch of agricultural industry standards. The Fertilizer and Soil Conditioner Organics were formulated by the National Fertilizer Quality Supervision and Inspection Center (Beijing). Fractional Determination (NY/T2876-2015), Determination of Fertility Synergist Dicyandiamide Content (NY/T2877-2015), Determination of Polyaspartic Acid Content of Water-Soluble Fertilizer (NY/T2878-2015) And four fertilizer standards such as "Determination of Cobalt and Titanium in Water-Soluble Fertilizers" (NY/T2879-2015) are among them. The promulgation of these four standards is a key link for product quality supervision, and further improved China's fertilizer technology standard system. Its implementation will effectively improve the level of fertilizer management services, scientifically guide fertilizer production and application, and effectively promote the healthy and orderly development of the fertilizer industry. . The standard will be implemented on April 1, 2016.
      According to the existing research results, the same amount of organic materials have different degrees of maturity, and the composition and structure of organic matter are different, and the effects on soil and plants are very different. The method standard for the determination of organic matter in fertilizers and soil conditioners is proposed to systematically solve the problem that the technical indicators of products are not scientifically set. The standard specifies the relevant terminology, organic matter classification and oxidizable organic matter content, organic matter content, total organic matter and ash content. It is suitable for solid fertilizer and soil conditioning processed by fermentation degradation process using organic materials as the main raw material. It is also suitable for non-product solid organic materials such as compost, agricultural waste and fermentation intermediates. The innovations of the standard are as follows: First, the index of oxidizable organic matter that can characterize the degradation of organic materials is proposed. Second, the total amount of organic matter and ash content associated with organic matter are systematically graded to clarify the inclusion relationship, and the third is the moisture content. Accuracy is determined to provide scientific means for scientific evaluation of fertilizers, soil conditioners, composting, and intermediates in fermentation processes using agricultural organic waste as the main raw material.
      The determination of the content of dicyandiamide in fertilizer synergist, the determination of the content of polyaspartic acid in water-soluble fertilizer, and the promulgation and implementation of the standard for the determination of cobalt and titanium in water-soluble fertilizers have filled the gap in China's fertilizer industry and changed. Quantitative test The fertilizer synergist dicyandiamide and water-soluble fertilizer have no uniform standard for the content of polyaspartic acid, cobalt and titanium.